Orchidpeople Flasks

Feb 2015


We continue to receive shipments of flasks of our own crosses for sale. Each flask contains between 35-40 plants (except ones labled with OR prefex. These will have approx 30-35 plants). Most of these are crosses we consider warm tolerant based on our growing and testing on our benches at 250 above sea level in Hawaii on the Big Island. Of course you will have to try these crosses under your growing conditions to verify this. In most cases one or both parents definitely are warm tolerant and were tested and shown warm tolerant. We make no guarantee as to heat or warm tolerance. We provide as much information as possible for you to make an informed decision.

There are only a few each of these flasks so supply is limited.

Price: $45 per flask including shipping Fedex 2 day service US only.



OPP302 Rosy Cloud 'Paradise' x Willunga Eyecatcher 'Barcelona'
2 flasks left

Both are warm tolerant hybrids from Peter Pan. The seedlings will all be warm tolerant with a red barred lip. The Willunga Eyecatcher has a more rounded form which will complement the Rosy Cloud and be nice compact plants


OPP280 Balkis 'Nevada' x Peterborough
2 flasks left

Peterborough is a warm tolerance offspring of Peter Pan with a spotted lip. The Balkis 'Nevada' was reported to have slight warm tolerance and we expect nice greens from this cross with better form and interesting lips

OPP309 parishii 'Emma Meninger' x Sleeping Bill Bailey 'Alba'
2 flasks left

The parishii 'Emma Menninger' when combined with a cool growing cymbidium often has warm tolerance in the seedlings. The large flower of the Sleeping Bill Bailey with its high flower count should make nice seedlings with some decent form.


OPP278 Happy Mimi x Valerie Absolonova #69
2 flasks left

These seedlings will be dark red and warm tolerant, and will bloom in a 4" pot. Another example of our Windowsill Cyms® line of pot plants. Seedlings should have a good flower count. This Valerie Absolonova produces 16 flowers on a spike, and the Happy Mimi the same number.


OPP307 madidum 'Leroyii' 4n x Dolly 'Featherhill'
4 flasks left

The 4n of madidum 'Leroyii' when crossed tends to have small bulbs. By crossing with Dolly the seedlings will be warm tolerant, and a high flower count. Expect small flowers on arching spikes that should bloom twice a year


OPP319 Sleeping Nymph 'Glacier' x (Royal Fare #5 x Emerald Glory 'Keith')
6 flasks left

Two excellent greens. The cross should be non staining and have tall spikes, suitable for cut flowers. Royal Fare x Emerald Glory has flowers up to 5" and 17 on a spike


OPP318 Red Beauty 'Bill's Choice' x Balkis 'Nevada'
6 flasks left

Should be some very nice pinks from this with some having suffused lips. Tall spikes and good cut flower material from this cross


OPP294 Sleeping Nymph 'Glacier' x parishii 'Emma Menninger' 4n
3 flasks left

The parishii 'Emma Menninger' is known to add warm tolerance to crosses with cool growing cymbidiums. We expect greens and yellows from this crossing with good spikes and warm tolerance


OPP304 Sleeping Bill Bailey 'Alba' x Balkis 'Nevada'
1 flasks left

We expect a nice green with large flowers. The high flower count of Sleeping Bill Bailey we hope will overcome the shy count from Balkis and make a lovely cut flower with very nice form


OPP316 Yai 'Monica' x Balkis 'Nevada'
3 flasks left

Yai has a spectacular lip that comes through in crosses. We expect some nice pinks with interesting lips and good form


OPP288 Green Sensation #3 x Balkis 'Nevada'
7 flasks left

Green Sensation is a very tall small standard green that produces 17-22 flowers on a spike. Balkis 'Nevada' is a white to blush white that has a lower flower count but good form. Many Balkis progeny have suffused lips. We are looking for some nicely formed flowers with a good count. Good for cut flowers

OPP312 Rosy Cloud 'Paradise' x Valley Zenith 'Concord'
1 flasks left

Rosy Cloud 'Paradise' is warm tolerant and produces up to 15 flowers on a tall straight spike and is intermediate in size. Valley Zenith 'Concord' is a standard green. We are hoping for better stems on green intermediates with a good flower count

OPP311 (Sleeping Lamb x Fanfare) x Shirley May Walker #1
2 flasks left

(Sleeping Lamb x Fanfare) is a lovely green standard with a bit of warm tolerance and alba parentage. Crossed with the tall Shirley May Walker that carries up to 30 flowers and is intermediate we expect a percentage of alba offspring. This cross will be tall with small standard to intermediate flowers and cool growing.

OPP305 Shirley May Walker #1 x Valley Zenith 'Concord'
3 flasks left

Valley Zenith is a cool growing standard green. The Shirley May Walker is an intermediate with a very tall spike producing up to 30 flowers. This cross is cool growing and we may expect some early greens from this.



OPP299 Valley Zenith 'Concord' x Shirley May Walker #1
3 flasks left

Valley Zenith is a cool growing standard green. The Shirley May Walker is an intermediate with a very tall spike producing up to 30 flowers. This cross is cool growing and we may expect some early greens from this.


OPP290 Sleeping Nymph 'Perfection' x Shirley May Walker #1
2 Flasks left

Both parents are albas so expect 100% alba offspring. The Shirley May Walker is an intermediate with a very tall spike producing up to 30 flowers. This cross is cool growing and we may expect some early greens from this.

OPP289 (Rose Armstrong 'Sunrae' x Sleeping Beauty 'Solana Gold') x James Tee Kirk 'Dark'
4 Flasks left

Several years ago a friend suggested that combinging an alba yellow with a good red would give a very dark red. So I've made this cross using the darkest James Tee Kirk I have. Look for some nice standard cool growing tall spiked reds. Who knows. Maybe my friend is right!

OPP265 Sleeping Ransom 'Leather' x Dolly 'Featherhill'
3 Flasks left

The white alba Sleepign Ransom crossed with the alba carrier Dolly will produce a good amount of white albas, intermediate in size with better shape than the Sleeping Ransom. We look to Dolly to produce off season second blooms in the summer. Nice as a pot plant or intermediate cut flower with good flower count. Cool Growing


OPP253 LD33 x Sleeping Nymph 'Glacier
1 Flask left

LD 33 is a very tall small standard. Produces up to 25 flowers on a spike. This cool growing cross has cut flower potential

OPP251 (Sleeping Lamb x Fanfare) 4n x Sleeping Nymph 'Glacier
1 Flask left

(Sleeping Lamb x Fanfare) is an alba carrier. Crossing with the Sleeping Nymph will give a high level of albas from the flask. Both are cool growing standards with good sized shapely flowers


OPP248 Green Sensation #3 x Valerie Absolonova #59
1 Flasks left

Green Sensation has a very tall stem with high flower count. Valerie will add warm tolerance to the mix and should produce early flowering


OPP247 (Sleeping Lamb x Fanfare) 4n x Dolly 'Featherhill' 4n
3 Flasks left

Green intermediate with good flower count. This is a cool growing cross. We look to Dolly for multiple blooms during the season. Both parents are alba carriers

OPP203 Dolly 'Featherhill' x Sleeping Nymph 'Glacier'
1 Flask left

By crossing the alba Dolly with the alba Sleeping Nymph, these seedlings should be cool growing, intermediate size greens. We are looking at high flower count, straight spikes with possible 2x a year flowering


OPP170 parishii 'Emma Menninger' 4n x Green Sensation #2
1 Flask left

These will be a tall green standard, cool growing. Suitable for cut flower. The Green Sensation we used gets up to 23 flowers on a spike.








Prior Flask Offerings



OPP257 (Sleeping Lamb x Fanfare) 4n x Shirley May Walker

Shirley May Walker is an alba with a tall stem and will produce up to 20 intermediate flowers on a spike. The (Sleeping Lamb x Fanfare) is an alba carrier so expect a good number of albas from the cross with a good flower cound and shapely


OPP221 Sleeping Nymph 'Glacier' x Valerie Absolonova #59
Sold Out

Crossing the alba Sleeping Nymph with Valerie Absolonova will give a good percentage of alba white, green and possibly yellow offspring. Should have a fairly good warm tolerance too.



OPP204 Dolly 'Featherhill' x Sleeping Bill Bailey 'Alba'

Sold Out

By crossing the alba Dolly with the alba Sleeping Bill Bailey, these will be cool growing intermediate size greens with straight spikes, and high flower count. Possibly blooming 2x a year

OPP223 Don Wimber (remake 4n) = Valerie Absolonova #57 x madidum 'leroyii' 4n
Sold Out

This is a warm growing green that should have a longer flower life than the ensifolium based warm tolerant hybrids with the madidum adding flower count and longevity.





OPP172 Sleeping Nymph 'Perfection' x Sleeping Bill Bailey 'Alba'

These are two wonderful cool growing standard albas. Very suitable for cut flower. The Sleeping Bill Bailey is a very large flower and stands out. Possible awards even.

OP3/11 Cooper Point (remake 2n Converted with Oryzalin)

Photo courtesy Randall Robinson

This is a cross of erythroystylum with Golden Elf 'Sundust'. Looking for warm tolerance and small pseudobulbs. The cross was made with the 2n forms and converted with Oryzalin so there will be both 2n and 4n in the flasks


OPP162 parishii 'Emma Menninger' 4n x (Royal Fare #5 x Emerald Glory 'Keith'

These will be a nice green standard, cool growing. Suitable for cut flower. The (Royal Fare x Emerald Glory) we used gets 17 flowers on a tall spike and should overcome the shy count of the parishii (sic sanderae)


OPP133 Sue 'Dusty Rose' x Valerie Absolonova #51

Sue is a Peter Pan hybrid. The cross with Valerie should bring out the warmth of the ensifolium and small bulb size and the green background of both and increase the size of the Valerie sepals and petals.




OPP137 Dolly 'Featherhill' 4n x Valerie Absolonova #51 4n

Possibly some albas and definitely warm tolerance with good flower count.



OPP116 LB 1548 (Brandy Wine 'Miki' x Yowie Flame 'Port Wine' 4N #1) x Valerie Absolonova #43

Valerie is very warm tolerant for us and we made this cross to see if we can get a nice warm dark red. A bit of a risk as normally blood reds and yellows don't work well but we thought we'd see if we can work with the genetics on the Peter Pan side of the parentage in some of the offspring. Early in the season blooming cross.



OPP103 Black Panther #1 x Valerie Absolonova #12

Valerie is very warm tolerant. We love the dark red of the Black Panther and made this cross in hopes of getting a nice dark red warm growing hybrid with larger flowers. This should be a very early blooming cross.


OPP153 Red Beauty 'Bronze Delight' 4n x Valerie Absolonova #28

While Red Beauty is not warm tolerant, it does hold its buds under a wide range of temperature conditions and blooms early in the season. Combining with Valerie should decrease the bulb size and create a nice compact plant similar to Suzie Q. The cross should be ultra early blooming.



OPP121 & 119 King Arthur 'Green Giant' x Peterborough #1

Both of these lovely greens are warm tolerant. The King Arthur has slightly larger bulbs and a brighter green flower with more of a barred lip. Peterborough has a taller spike and smaller flowers with a spotted lip. Should be lovely greens with good flower count size about 3 inches and straight spikes and tolerate a variety of temperatures



OPP136 Balkis 'Nevada' x Peterborough #1

Peterborough is warm tolerant but Balkis 'Nevada' is mildly warm tolerant. This cross should have some that are warm growing and some with suffused lips, and some with barred red lips, as we have seen from our breeding with Cloud Atlas



OPP135 Pixie Dust (remake 4n)

Pixie Dust is a warm tolerant cross of Golden Elf with Dolly. In the remake the 4n of both are used to make a warm tolerant alba.



OPP132 Mad Peter (remake as 4n)

This is a 4n remake of a warm tolerant cross using the 4n of madidum 'leryoii'. By blending the ensifolium lines with the madidum we look to have flowering in several seasons during the year.


OPP92 (Dolores Hoyt x Tom Thumb) 'Tamara'
Sold Out

A free spiking mini that is very prolific. This is NOT warm tolerant but does not mind a slightly warm environment. VERY Easy to grow and compact plants. Blooms nicely in 5" pots. Flower is 2.75" and it gets about 20 flowers on a spike.


OPP94 Suzie Q 'Rudolph's Nose'
Sold Out

Very compact growing, and easily mulitspiking in 5" pots. This also is NOT warm tolerant but can withstand some slightly warm temps. It is Sue ‘Waitohu’ x Red Beauty ‘Hanny’ and a 3n but it does breed. Flower is 3.5"



OPP131 Dutchman's Gold (remake as 4n)

Dutchman's Gold is a well known warm tolerant cross with yellow flowers and arching spike. We remade this as a 4n with the 4n of madidum 'leryoii' and have limited flasks available.



OPP138 Dolly 'Featherhill' 4n x Peter Pan 'Lawson's #5

This is a cross using a clone of Peter Pan selected by the late Loren Batchman as an improved mutation